Marriage Aesthetic: Ideas, Looks, Height, Career

Marriage Aesthetic is a very sacred thing. When two people get married, they are stabilizing their union in front of their friends, family, relatives, and God. Many people may think of marriage as just a piece of paper, but the stability that marriage brings in one’s life as opposed to just living together while living together is very different. Now, no shade to anybody. Different people have different opinions about marriage. Some like the idea of it and would actually look forward to getting married, while some are much happier without marriage and are content with single life. Again, many couples also strive to get married in the future, while some prefer not doing so. Bottom line is, to each their own.

Now that we are talking about marriage in this article, it is also our duty to make sure that it is a positive one but it cannot be done so without acknowledging the fact that marriage is also sometimes performed by unnecessary and unethical means. As already stated before, marriage is something that is extremely pious and it should be done if the people who are getting married are of legal age and 100% consenting to it.

Marriage Aesthetic:

Weddings are something that differs vastly across different cultures but at the same time common grounds can also be found if we just look for them. In India, there is a huge variation in the cultures present and although there is some amount of common ground among weddings across different cultures, the differences are also striking.

If you are about to attend the wedding anytime soon, take a look at this list for some wedding aesthetics:

  • In any wedding, it is very important for both the bride groom and the guests to be in appropriate wedding attire. In most Christian weddings happening in countries outside India, it is a rule that guests cannot surpass the bride in clothing nor can they wear white. However, in Indian weddings and south-east Asian weddings in general, the bride, groom and the guests are expected to show up in their best, more stylish form. This theory of surpassing the bride just does not exist because the couple always stays on the centre stage, no matter what someone else is wearing.
  • Food is another thing to make note of during weddings. The food that is eaten or served at the wedding can be either traditional or a mix of traditional and multicultural dishes. A lot of times, the excitement of attending a wedding lies on what food will be served. Most of the time, snacks, like fritters, are served alongside drinks like coffee and soft drinks. Hard drinks are also served in weddings but only in limited cases. After all the items are scanned through, it is very obvious to want to end the evening on a sweeter note, for which dessert is always there.
  • One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is deciding upon the venue. Without a proper venue, a wedding cannot take place. Now of course, couple choose to have super private weddings with practically no ceremony when they decide to get married in court orbat the registrar’s office. However, for a full on blast, choosing a good venue is important.

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