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Eid Aesthetic: India is one of the largest heritage sites in the whole world, and for this reason India is also known as a subcontinent, due to its hide variety in food, culture, festivals and what not. Although most people in India are practicing Hinduism, each group of people belonging to a particular community or state will be performing their own kinds of religious festivals. Indians have a ton of festivals, and the time of the year when a particular festival happens ends up being a very special time in the lives of people.

Eid is also a festival that is celebrated in India. Eid is a festival mainly celebrated by Muslims, but people from all over the world, irrespective of whether they are Muslim or not, are always welcome to celebrate alongside them. Eid is a very special time for Muslims, as it is like the ultimate reward that comes after the month of Ramadan, during which people who follow the religion of Islam fast for a certain time period throughout the day and then break their fast after the sun sets. Before they start to fast, they also eat very early in the morning.

Eid Aesthetic

Islam is one of the most abundantly followed religions across the world. There are at least a few million people who follow this religion and they usually go by the principles written in their holy book, which is the Quran. In India, just like many other festivals, Eid is also a festival that is highly celebrated and awaited.

If you are looking for some beautiful Eid aesthetics, then take a look at this list we have compiled:

  • In case of any celebration, be it big or small, a nice outfit is one of the most important things to think about. A nice outfit paired with some accesories is always the real deal. Usually, during the festival of Eid, women like to dress up in gorgeous lehengas or salwar kameez and they also wear jewellery like necklaces and dangling earrings. In the case of men, they are usually seen wearing kurta and pajamas. Unlike Hindus, Muslim men usually don’t wear dhoti. However, Muslim men in India and Bangladesh wear the lungi.
  • Food is another very important thing in case of Eid, and also in Ramadan. Although during the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims eat their first meal of the day as early as four in the morning. Afterwards they start to fast once the sun rises, and continues to fast until the sun sets. During this time and also during Eid, they make many different kinds of food items, like Biryani, Sevai kheer, kulcha, kebab and much more.

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