Jee Young Han: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Jee Young Han is a very well known and popular American actress. Besides acting, Jee Young Han is also a writer, director and a producer. Jee Young Han has been acting since the year 2010. Her birth year is not known but she was born on 28th of November. She was born is Los Angeles, United States of America. She is currently married


Jee Young Han is known for the beauty she possesses. She has asian roots and that adds to her beauty. She has a curvy and sexy figure which she has worked hard to maintain well. Her hair is black in color and her eyes are also black. Her height is around 5 feet and 5 inches and she weighs around 60 kgs. Her shoe size is US 6.


Jee Young Han spent most of her childhood where she was born and raised – Los Angeles, United States of America. She loved to spent time with her parents and always wanted to do something big in life. She was grown up beautifully by her elders and she also received quality education.


Jee Young Han is very secretive about her personal life. Maybe she doesn’t want the media to know about her family because not everyone likes attention. There is no information on her family right now but we will let you know when we get the details.


Though Jee Young Han is very secretive about her family we know that she has a sister. Her name is Sharon Nakano. It is still unclear what Sharon Nakano’s occupation is but we will update you when we get to know her details.


Jee Young Han is a brilliant actor and she has proven her skills. Her comedy role in the series – superstore was hilarious enough. She played the role of Kira Moon here. She is also famous for her role of Marrion Kang in Perry Mason which came out in 2023. In Santa Clarita diet, she played the role of Marsha. In Joey’s extraordinary playlist, she played the role of Jenna Kang, this was in the year 2021.


Jee Young Han can be found on her instagram page. Her username is @thejeespot. She has around 2 thousand followers and has posted over 350 pictures. She follows around 400 people from her account. Her bio : it was the busta rhymes,  it was the wursta rhymes.


Jee Young Han is a talented actress and her main source of income is the films and series she is a part of. But besides this, she also is a producer and a director. Based on her work, her net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around 2 to 3 million US dollars.


Jee Young Han is a fan of Harry Potter movies.

Jee Young Han has appeared in an episode of Grey’s anatomy.

Her favourite travel destinations are Europe and Australia.

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