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Ian Lightfoot: Intro

Ian Lightfoot  is an animated character of the 2020 Disney featured film name Onward. In the movie he is an elf and main lead of the film. He is sixteen-year-old elf , who wish that he has father who he lost even before he was born, that’s why he can not talk about his father unlike his elder brother Barley who has even small detail about their father . Ian is someone who is sweet by nature and persistent with the best of intentions, but he doubts himself a lot, and has lacks confidence, he often gets nervous because of that . he believes that if he had father in his life, he wouldn’t  have been this messed up or his life would have been a lot easier with his father’s guidance.

That’s why he has low self-esteem, but his elder brother always encourages him and tell him to stop doubting about himself and try new things and believe in himself , his brother always has his back ,no matter what situation it is.

Personality: Ian Lightfoot

Ian Lightfoot has a sweet, kind and caring personality. He adores his mother and elder brother, but he regrets that he doesn’t have father of any memories related to him , which made him awkward and he is afraid of doing things , he doubts himself a lot . All this turned him into someone who is unconfident and one who often gets nervous and doesn’t believe himself . Although he admired his father so much that he aspires to become like him . Ian loves his brother , who always there for him , even though their personality is opposite to each other.

Ian Lightfoot
Class of Ian Lightfoot

But this can not be denied that he secretly  annoyed and doubts his brother’s behaviour , and sceptical about his brother’s ideas . After creating a bond with his elder brother Ian gradually understand Barley and even that he never had father then to he grew stronger and this was all because of Barley who always encouraged him and helped him get through his hard time , who was father figure to him now . As time passed Ian became more confidence and social , and started making friends , and also accepted his mother’s boyfriends with whom he was very uncomfortable in the starting , he started spending more time with his brother , though he still has awkward personality but now he is ready to take risks in life .


Ian Lightfoot has dark bluish hair ,brown coloured eyes , and pointy and long elf ears in pale colour . talking about his outfits which consists of  plaid red shirt in flannel  fabric with blue jeans paired with blue coloured sneakers . He has small body . His facial structure is similar to his father Wilden Lightfoot , he has similar nose and eyes brows like his father and skinny physique just like Wilden Lightfoot.

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