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Akira Toriyama designed the fictional Android 18 for the manga series: Dragon Ball.  The Androids Awake! Chapter #349 introduces Android 18, who first appeared in Weekly Shnen Jump on Nov 12, 1991.

Android 17’s elder twin sister 17 and Dr. Gero’s eighth android invention, Android 18 (18 Jinzningen J. Hachi-G), was formerly named Lazuli ( Razuri) when she was a regular human and was created to carry out Gero’s revenge against Goku.

Despite Gero’s orders to the contrary, she activates Android 16 out of curiosity, which causes Android 17 to decide to kill Gero even though her interests initially do not deviate from this anticipation.

Later on, Android 18 joins the Z Fighters and also gets married to Krillin and has a daughter with him named Marron.

Android 18: Appearance

Her small frame and stunning beauty conceal enormous strength of Android 18. She has blue eyes, blonde hair that is shoulder length, also hoop earrings in both her ears. She wears her hair on the left side back behind her ear. She is dressed in a blue denim vest & skirt (with the Red Ribbon insignia on the back of the jacket), deep blue stockings, brown boots, as well as a black undershirt with white & black striped sleeves since she is first powered by Gero.

Later, she changes into a black vest with a white undershirt, a pair of blue trousers matching a golden chain, a pair of black sandals with orange socks, and gloves paired with a golden bracelet on her left hand. She dresses in a light blue denim vest that is done up, white 3/4 pants, and black sandals when she is hitched to Krillin & residing in Kame House.

She later flaunts a black shirt with black & white striped sleeves, blue trousers, red earrings, & black sandals with orange socks for the World Tournament. She sports a shorter hairstyle and chic professional clothes in Dragon Ball GT.

Background Of Android 18

Lazuli, the older of her and also her twin brother Lapis, was the initial name of Android number eighteen. Dr. Gero would randomly run upon the twins while hunting for new subjects for his research. They were well-known criminals. Then he abducted them and transformed them into Androids 18 and 17. Android 18 and her sibling, however, are really neither, although being called as androids or cyborgs & widely thought of as such.

He was human-based, but everything had been upgraded with bio-organic components, according to Bulma, who was studying 17’s blueprint. Their sole mechanical components are a tiny perpetual energy reactor that gives them endless energy and stamina, an emergency deactivation controller, and a self-destruction device (removed).

Android 18
Everything about Android 18

This is confirmed in Dragon Ball Super when Gohan claims that now the androids have undergone cellular modifications to become superhuman. Between her & her twin brother, she is the 2nd artificial human. She gave birth to a daughter, Marron, demonstrating that Gero’s trials on her had no effect on her capacity to procreate.

Android 18: Character

Initially cool and self-assured, Android 18’s sardonic humour gradually emerges as her most notable personality quality. When Goku notices her assembling with the Z Fighters at the World Martial Arts Tournament, she responds with one example of her sarcasm “He said, “Look.” How cute.” She called him stupid and said it took him a while.  Shortly after, Announcer asks her if “No. 18” is indeed her real name. To which she replies to which she responds that her father was pretty dull.

In particular when it comes to her twin brother, Android 18 still demonstrates some of her sensitivity. She is a homicidal sociopath who only cares about herself & her brother in the alternate version of her from Future Trunks’ timeline. Android 17 insisted on driving around mindlessly with nothing better to do, and this is the only reason Android eighteen is implied to detest driving in the game Dragon Ball Z – Supersonic Warriors.

Android 18: Biography

  • Anime name’s Android 18.
  • Android #18 in the manga.
  • Other names for 18 include Cyborg 18, Lazuli 18,Artificial Human 18 & KI-18 (Lithuanian Dub).


  • Manga – “The Androids Awake”
  •  Anime: “Follow Dr. Gero” (cameo)
  • “Nightmare Comes True” in its entirety


  • The first person to successfully compete against a Super Saiyan was Android 18.
  • Put in the right order, the human names Lazuli (18) & Lapis (17), which correspond to Androids 18 and 17, are displayed as “Lapis Lazuli,” a dark blue semi-precious stone coveted for its hue since antiquity.
  • In the original series, Android 18 is never seen revealing her real identity; instead, after the Z Fighters beat Cell, she pledges her devotion to them and is addressed to as merely “No. 18”.
  • Throughout Dragon Ball GT & Dragon Ball Super, her brother experiences the same thing.
  • Android 18 received the number 10 vote from Japanese fans during Dragon Ball Forever’s survey of the top 20 characters. She is now by far the most popular female on the ranking as a result.
  • Android 18 had been slain twice by significant antagonists throughout the series. She is killed alongside her daughter, Marron, by Super Buu when he converts her into chocolate and by Frieza when he destroys the Planet with his Earth Breaker.
  • The fact that Android 18 can bathe without short-circuiting herself afterward demonstrates that cyborg-type androids can still bathe without fear of doing so since they are human beings who have been transformed into cyborgs.

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