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Chunkz Net Worth, a social media sensation and TV host, was born on February 21, 1996. His funny YouTube videos propelled him to fame. The YouTuber is a British Somali who was born in northwest London.With the help of his cousin, Darkest Man, a fellow YouTuber, he started making videos in 2015. He shared films of his friends’ challenges, pranks, and vlogs.The popularity of his cooking show, Cooking with Chunkz, led him to discontinue his studies at his university in 2016 in order to concentrate on his channel, and he claims that this is how he laid the way for myself.

He eventually formed an outstanding partnership with fellow vlogger Yung Filly, proving that his gamble had paid off.The two have significantly increased their fan base, and as a result of their tenacity, they have landed jobs with both FootAsylum and Sky Sports.

After appearing as Asznee in Big Shaq’s 2017 parody music video Mans Not Hot, which had over 390 million views, Chunkz’ fame further increased.He co-founded a voice app for Google Assistant and Trainline in March 2018 with Michael Dapaah and went on to win the International Somali Award for Best Entertainer that same year.


Ryan Giggs gathers with his ex-wife Stacey and his current sweetheart Zara for an EXTRA FESTIVE Christmas Mr. Ryan Giggs. Chunkz and Niko Omilana formed the YouTube group Beta Squad in 2019, and in 2020, Chunkz signed a record deal and put out two tracks.He won a MOBO award that year and later co-presented the awards show with his close friend Maya Jama.He was given his own ITV2 show, Bad Chefs, in September 2022.

Who is he in real life?

Although Chunkz is his stage name, his real name is Amin Mohammed.His moniker is just as well-known as his humorous online writing.Even Maya Jama, a fellow presenter, who originally called him Chunkell, repurposed i.

Chunkz Net Worth

How much money is Chunkz worth?: Chunkz Net Worth

Chunkz has made a respectable living because to his vast social media presence.He and his Beta Squad currently reside in a £5 million mansion, so he undoubtedly has some money stashed away in the bank.Although his exact net worth is still unknown, it is thought to be in the region of £1 million.He has 3.2 followers on Instagram and 2.4 subscribers on YouTube as of September 2022.His bank account will be increasing daily as a result of having this many followers on social media. Amin Mohammed, often known as Chunkz, is a YouTuber and host with a £350,000 net worth. He played the role of Asznee in the popular Big Shaq song “Man’s Not Hot” from 2017, which helped him become a household name. He gave up music, though, and focused on other areas of his life and profession.

Increased Fame

In Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot  music video from 2017, Mohammed played Asznee. The song quickly gained popularity since it is so enjoyable to listen to. Currently, it has 398 million views.In order to facilitate the planning of rail routes, he and Michael Dapaah helped the seller of train tickets Trainline build a voice app for the Google Assistant in March 2018. He and Yung Filly released Clean Up, their debut rap single and music video, in March 2020.

Chunkz Net Worth

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